friends to hang out with at ax?

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#1 Akaei Akuma on 3 years ago

i dont really have any friends to hang out with ax. send me a message if you want to hang i will be cosplaying .:confused:

#2 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

Well, while it be nice to try to hang out with, I'm not sure if I might do so, given scheduling and planning, though I may have to check out the program guide first to see if nothing conflicts with where I have to go. (Though be aware this is subject to change on my end and have to see other things.)

Not only that, you did this on the last 2 threads since last year, did they work out? Did you find anyone to hang out? I find it funny that some of your posts were deleted on those topics and everyone elses are still intact. As seen [URL=""]"here"[/URL] and [URL=""]"here"[/URL]

Either way, I'm probably going to be very busy myself, so that'll depend maybe or maybe not.

#3 Akaei Akuma on 3 years ago

i wanted to delete the whole thing. but i couldn't and id be a long process to go through id assume, but i did find a person last con,with the forum. and dont crunch schedules and stuff for me. im sure i'll find someone.

#4 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

Alright, I'll probably have to attend with others, I'm very sure you'll find someone to have a fun time at AX.