Can't figure out the right colour to buy

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#1 iylila on 2 years ago

My next cosplay is going to be Aiura Mikoto from The disastrous life of Saiki K. She has a bit of a weird [URL=""]hair colour[/URL] with it being blonde but sort of tinged with green? I usually use Adra wigs since I live in Canada and they have the best quality while also being able to ship to me the fastest but they doesn't really seem to have a colour I can match well.

Are there any sites you guys know of I could try looking at instead? Or do I just settle for a shade of blonde and hope it looks okay?

#2 Scunosi on 2 years ago

Epic Cosplay does have a [URL=""]Tea Green[/URL] which is the closest I could find between Arda or Epic. It looks way more bright than you need though, but maybe that could be brought down with a bit of brown dye or a tea dye to make it look a bit more natural?

My only other thought it getting a basic yellow-blonde and doing a very light greenish-brown dye to it.