modding sandals

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#1 Dictamnus Albus on 1 year ago

its a bit off topic, but im trying to find some guidance on adding a toe loop or changing the strap location
to my sandals,
i tried googleing for a vid, but after eliminating the shopping channels
there wasnt even any relative vidoes remaining

my only thought so far, is to cut a plug out of it under the big toe make a loop
and cram them in with some shoegoo or contact cement

not sure on any way to afix a new strap, the originals were glued and stitched to the interior in a location purposed for it,
im trying my best to not just gob it on there, im hoping to make it look at least amature...

anyone have more insight, or better ideas
please share,

thanx much

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

The question is: is this toe loop/ strap structural? (meaning it has to bear weight or keep your foot in the sandal). If so, glue will probably do for less than 6 hours of wear. Glue just isn't that strong.

If it'd just for decoration, it'll last a good bit longer.

#3 Dictamnus Albus on 1 year ago

oh, whoops,
yea this is intended as structural/functional
as a daily wear

the sandals have always sat of my foot funny, so now that thier old,
and i have a new set (unfortunately not of the same)
i decieded to hack off the front strap, but since it droops a bit and does the flip flop
thing in reverse,
now i need to figure out a way to snug it to the foot again

another option i might have available, is to use molten rubber instead of glue?

#4 CapsuleCorp on 1 year ago

If you want good tips with visuals, try googling for making Japanese shoes (geta, zori, or waraji) from scratch. People who do those routinely do load-bearing toe thongs, it's part and parcel of what makes a sandal "right" in Japanese traditional footwear.

But generally, that's a pretty hard mod to make if you don't have the right tools. If the sole isn't strong enough to take a hole drilled through it, you might as well just buy a new pair of sandals that fit rather than try to mod the ones you have. I know, it sucks when a good pair finally gives up the ghost and you can't find a replacement. Believe me, I know. But sometimes our home sewing and crafting skills just aren't enough to resurrect something useful.

#5 Dictamnus Albus on 1 year ago

my main fear is that a toe loop plug wont stay glued up, or might wick up puddles, rotting it
and that if i afix straps to the sides, that there really isnt much surface making the connection, and that im pretty sure i cant ram a needle through the harder section
of the sole to really make it anchor

yeah, ive tried my hand 3 times at making geta, modern style, and traditional (in shape)
the thong setup bugs me so i tried rope, and straps, just kinda didnt turn out either way
( i blame lack of tooling and workspace)

ill probably try straps first, see if they hold with just shoegoo...
maybe instead of sewing, i could try packing staples?
im sure a gun would be over kill but maybe i could hammer em in