Cardcaptor Sakura Seam/Pattern help

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#1 Angel Tear on 1 year ago


I'm planning on making the Clear Card ED outfit as shown above, but I'm a little bit nervous about the seams at the front. (click it for a bigger image)
I'm aware of princess seams which often go over the apex of the bust and then continue over the shoulder, but this one seems to stop and go at a harsh angle under the armpit - is this the same type of seam and if not, does it have a technical name?

At a push, is anyone aware of a commercial pattern I could use or modify in a pinch? Darts and seams in the bust area just never seem to go too well for me so any advice would be welcome!

#2 CapsuleCorp on 1 year ago

It's still a princess seam, just a straight-angled one. You can modify any pattern with a princess seam, changing the curve to straight lines, just be careful of your seam allowance matching up. Its actually a lot easier to sew straight lines, but you have to clip your seam allowance on the middle-front piece right at the angle so you can spread it to match the corner of the side-front piece.

Don't use anything with darts. Changing a dart to a seam is a LOT harder. Also, that little line above her waist on the side-front panel isn't a seam, that's just a wrinkle line drawn in the art.