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#1 Splay on 6 months ago

Hey everyone,

It has been quite a while since I was here last. My life is super busy but I really want to start doing more cosplay stuff.

A little about me I am a 42wm. I live in Panama city Florida. I have 2 kids and an amazing wife. I'm a huge Star Wars fan as well as scifi and anime.

So for my first official cosplay I want to build is Hunk from the original Voltron here in the states. This was one of my favorite shows as a kid and I am a little on the bigger side so it would be fitting. (Not really wanting to be the fat guy in a deadpool suit lol)

Sooo with that I need recommendations.

First I have been trying to find good ref pics but most of what I find are pics from the new one that is on Netflix. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Second I believe I can figure out how to put together the outfit but there are a few things I need advice on. 1) What material do you guys think I should use for the suit? I was thinking something along the lines of what flight suits or coveralls are made of? 2) The boots I'm not sure about either. 3) Most importantly the helmet. I want to make a helmet that is formed to my head and look like it is the real deal. I would think molding it with some sort of plastic would be best but I'm not sure. How would I mold it and what materials would be best?

I am hoping to make this all and be ready for a con next year. My next question is what con as close to me as possible would you all recommend to go to?

Thank you all in advance for any and all help.