Omni Expo 2017

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#1 SayaMitarashi on 3 years ago

Hey guys! was just wondering if anyone was going to be going to Omni in March up in Orlando? If so what is everyone cosplaying, maybe we could get some meetups together or do some panels?! So far my cosplans for Omni are 1. Haku Dragon form(spirited away) 2. Kiki (kiki's delivery service) 3. Ristuka Tachibana- blue dress(dance with devils) and I may or may not bring some of my other cosplays with like Asuramaru(Owari no Seraph) Totoro(my neighbor totoro) Queen Nehelenia(sailor moon) Ursula(little mermaid) and still debating on making my Mavis cosplay(fairy tail). I would love to get a Ghibli meetup together for Haku since I'm also trying to get my siblings/cousins cosplays done from spirited away (chihiro, no face and soot sprite)

#2 SayaMitarashi on 3 years ago

update on cosplay lineup! still doing Haku and Kiki, but instead of Ritsuka I've decided to go with Nausicaa for an all Ghibli lineup! I may fix up a few damaged pieces on my Totoro and bring that too. anyone up for joining me for panels?

#3 Lil Slugger on 2 years ago

Hello! I actually moved from Cali to Orlando a few days ago. Was going to go to this con and check it out. I will be going as Steampunk Armored Terra from Kingdom Hearts