Attaching hat to wig?

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#1 Little.pixel on 2 years ago

I need help with figuring out how to attach a hat to a wig. If it were just a thin ball cap, I wouldn't be having a problem, but this hat I had to make out of EVA foam, craft foam and fabric. So it has the thickness of EVA, therefore I can't stick safety pins in it. Additionally, the hat is really shallow so it sort of sits atop my wig, rather than hugging the wig. It's similar to a police hat, I can post a picture as well, I just don't have one on hand atm :'D
I just really need it to stay on my head, haha. I'm going to be doing a lot of moving around, so I need it to be relatively secure.

#2 nathancarter on 2 years ago

Note that this is the section for photo tutorials, not costuming tutorials. You might get better advice in the right sections of the forum.

You have lots of options. The material called "horsehair" (which is not actually made from a horse's hair) might be what you need, or, strategically placed combs.



#3 Kazukichan on 2 years ago

I never thought about horsehair for that. Interesting!!!