Masquerade Tech Question?

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#1 Emi Hana on 4 years ago

Okay, I have the audio for my skit down - I just need to put the audio file on my new USB Flash Drive. Once the MP3 File is on the Flash Drive, I'm going to a computer store to buy some audio CDs.

The rules for the Otakon Masquerade are that they only play CDs that are: " "Red Book" Audio CDs or "CDDA" CDs."

Forgive my n00b question, but what exactly are they talking about when they say " "Red Book" Audio CDs or "CDDA" CDs?"

#2 ShinobiXikyu on 4 years ago

Basically, they need a "standard" audio format is what I'm interpreting that as (Red Book is a standard audio format for CDs). So, render your audio into .wav format, not mp3 or any other file. They're probably asking for that format due to the limits of their audio tech ("Old style CD player only", I'm guessing?).

#3 Emi Hana on 4 years ago

@ ShinobiXikyu - Thanks for the clarification. :sunny:

#4 Ness and Lucas on 4 years ago

I actually reached out to the help desk for more clarification on this and asked if an mp3 file on a CD-R would be okay. They said that's fine and you can email them the file as a failsafe in case the CDs don't work too.