1st Cosplay - Mandalorian Deadpool

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#1 digitaldeij on 4 years ago

After wracking my brain on what to cosplay without doing something that I knew I'd see 50 more of, I decided to make a mash-up of 2 of my favorites. Hence FettPool was born.

This is my first time ever making my own costume and I didn't properly calculate the amount of time I would need to finish. Things I want to add: katanas, pistol/holster for left leg, stencils on shoulder armor, pouches on the belt, making the eyes on the helmet more defined, make a better rangefinder, and possibly adding red fabric to the black.

Thoughts? Anything else I should add? Anything I should take away?


#2 ZanyGeek on 4 years ago

I like the concept, but I didn't initially get a Deadpool feel from it, aside from the belt buckle. I think adding the katanas would help a lot, but I also think adding more red all around would be good. Maybe even replacing the black leggings with red leggings. That would help the holsters stand out more and give you more of the contrast that he has on his costume. The open torso and open chest are different, but I don't think they help suggest either Deadpool or a Mandalorian. I think if you went for something that had a red center with black sides throughout your torso, that would really help to emphasize the Deadpool aspects more. The helmet is awesome and very commanding. With that, any armor or holsters you add will suggest Mandalorian effectively. It's just the Deadpool elements that need to be brought out more.

#3 digitaldeij on 4 years ago

I had ordered red fabric but of course it didn't get here until the last day of the convention. Definitely planning on adding that to the black. There are Deadpool shaped eyes on the helmet but I feel like I need to make them more prominent. Thanks for the tips :)

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