Swimsuit troubles

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#1 frostfiresoul on 3 years ago

Hey, I'm new to the forum, but I'm not sure about how to pull off a decent looking busty swimsuit cosplay, since I am biologically male. Obviously, stuffing a bra wouldn't work since there aren't many covered areas. I was thinking of maybe using [URL="http://cosplay.kotaku.com/cosplay-boobs-reinvented-1686484199"]this[/URL] but I'm not sure how I would hide the parts where the skin meets the breasts.

Plz help. Meow.

#2 roseandzippin on 3 years ago

I've seen some cosplayers use fake plastic chests on revealing costumes! They paint them to match their skin tone almost perfectly, and if your swimsuit has straps, it can hide the support that the fake chest would need. Perhaps someone else in the forums has made one of these before, or has a reference picture? Good luck! :)

#3 frostfiresoul on 3 years ago

I can't afford a fake chest though, but I was thinking liquid latex might conceal the edges on the fake chest.

Link for fake chest.

I'm a cat. Help Plz.

#4 gordonspeaker on 3 years ago

I have never tried this before.

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