This is going to be my first Fan Expo

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#1 Kamikaze Miko on 4 years ago

I'm super excited because the League of Legends team will be there as well. Is there anything I should expect or even be warned about?

#2 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 4 years ago

If you read the "Looking to attend Fan Expo in 2015" topic it pretty much covers everything.

Food inside the venus it a touch expansive so I now usually buy stuff from the Second Cup attach to the Front Street entrance in the north building. ;)

#3 dizzymonochrome on 4 years ago

Food - don't eat in the convention centre. Expensive and it's not even good. If you exit South Building, there's a Subway and shwarma place east on Bremner, a little further south on Queen's Quay is a Swiss Chalet, Tim Horton's, and Shoeless Joe's, and there's a few other places north on Front to King. Thursday and Friday you can get into the PATH for foodcourts under Bay Street (from the North Building, you can enter the PATH through Union Station or across the street through Royal York Hotel, RBC building, or TD Waterhouse building)

Be prepared for lines and crowds, that's all I'll say. You will line up for everything. Last year, there were escalater lineups because escalaters broke or there were too many people going in and out at one time.

#4 Merino on 4 years ago

During their March con they brought in some food trucks, still on the expensive side but a little more bang for your buck than the standard food stalls that they have there. There are a lot of places to eat just outside the convention center though.

#5 carma_bee on 4 years ago

For food, I usually pack a lunch that I can eat there, that way I don't have to leave and chance facing any long lines just to get back into the centre. I dealt with that my first year coming to FE (2010) and I don't want to deal with that ever again.

#6 dizzymonochrome on 4 years ago

Definitely pack snacks. Granola bars, protein bars (in case of emergency if you're too busy and can't get out of there to buy food, it'll at least hold you over for a couple hours until you can leave), and apple sauce cups or fruit cups because they don't need to be refrigerated and can give you a little sugar boost. Also bring a reusable water bottle. Unlike hotel cons, they don't supply water jugs. You can refill at water fountains and in the bathroom, and way cheaper than buying water. I think I bought one bottle of water last year and it cost nearly $5 for a regular 200mL bottle of Dasani.

#7 Kamikaze Miko on 4 years ago

Thanks guys can't wait for this con!

#8 Lulu Rush on 4 years ago

I am so excited too. This year will be my and my friends frist expo too. Any must go sees?

#9 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 4 years ago

The panels once listed and Q&A's change every year but there are plenty of them going on. ;)

#10 AshesForAshley on 4 years ago

I am looking to go to Fan Expo my first year as well! :) hope to see you there!

#11 SuperBee on 4 years ago

I went last year and had a lot of fun, this year I plan on dragging my brother, and perhaps cosplay a bit, don't know on that.

Anyone know when we can pre-order a photo op? I haven't seen anything yet on the website.

Oh and something I found, it's stupid crazy busy if you float from one building to another. I went to shop but needed to be back for a photo op but almost didn't make it back. I used the elevators because it was faster (and I was having trouble walking, otherwise they are reserved for strollers and accessibility). I was also told that there can be a point when they shut down accesses to the buildings due to fire regulations. So if you plan on doing a photo op, stick in that building and shop later.

#12 carma_bee on 4 years ago

You will be able to preorder a photo op, but not for another 2-3 weeks I think

#13 LukeBrown.1991 on 4 years ago

Hi! This is going to be my first fan expo and I have a few questions. I am looking to purchase a single day pass because I want to see Stephen Amell. I went on his Facebook page and he said that he will be there Saturday and Sunday. My question is, will he be doing photo ops on both Saturday and Sunday? The reason I'm asking is because I want to purchase my tickets ASAP so I can ensure that I don't miss out.

#14 SuperBee on 4 years ago

You can pre-order a Photoshoot with a guest that offers them.Arrow guy offered them last year but he had food poison we got refunded. If you want to go for a day I recommend prepurchasing them so all you need to do is pick up the pass. Long line but moves quick.

#15 LukeBrown.1991 on 4 years ago

Ok thanks! As of now there's no pre-orders available. Do you think he will do the photos both days or just one?