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#1 Mae-Gwyn on 5 years ago

Hey there!

So I was thinking of hosting a cosplay 101 panel at Otakuthon this year! My idea was "How to get started". I was thinking that this would be a good panel to have in both french and english. I have a slight problem however and that is my french. I can speak it but I won't be able to get my point across in the limited time frame. If there is anyone who would be willing to host this panel with me (and help out with the french parts) please respond to this thread!

I was thinking of including the following points in the panel:

knowing yourself and your limits
choosing a character

Can you guys think of any other topics that should be covered?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

#2 Kagomekai on 5 years ago

My suggestion is to (when it's time to be able to sign up for panels) maybe apply for two versions as I have run panels at Otakuthon before and time goes by very quickly if you are presenting in two languages especially if you want to cover all of that and more.

#3 Mae-Gwyn on 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice!

#4 U-Turn on 5 years ago

If your still looking for a translator, I could maybe help.

I've never hosted a panel before though, so I'd be kind of inexperienced.