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#1 aisler on 6 years ago

I'ma cosplay photographer from Turkey, I'm new here but i want hear people's opinion about my photos for improve myself.
You can find my best photos in here:

I love to use blur and low sharpness for soft images. Making a dream like effect is my favorite but cosplayers dont like it because it takes away attention from their costumes to general composition :)

#2 Ito on 6 years ago

I'd love to critique some of your images if you give us one or two to look at. It's really hard when all you do is link us to your entire gallery lol

#3 firecloak on 6 years ago

I will critique the first photo I see.


I think the clarity is too low. It's okay to lower clarity for closeups, but in this case, the hair is so blurred it looks like butter. Try to selectively lower clarity for skin, or increase clarity for hair. In fact, the clearest part of this photo is her black sleeve, and that draws attention to the sleeve. But I'm assuming we should be looking at her face, not her sleeve.

I like the even lighting and the good composition. Cosplayer is attractive too.