A quick critique on two photos?

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#1 ilafatyu on 6 years ago

I don't know anything about how these pictures were taken except that the camera looked kinda hefty. The picturetaker is curious, though, so I figured I'd ask. We're both newbies, photographer and model, so any suggestions are awesome.


I know the posing on the second one is a little off. The closer leg shouldn't be folded so close, it'd look better if it were looser. My posture could've been better on both of 'em. Other than that, what do you think?

#2 figment1986 on 6 years ago

In my opinion catching the cosplayer in the moment at a photo shoot makes it more natural, it captures the personality of the character.

the first image is interesting, i don't normally do those but it is a great attempt. I like both images personally. but i'm just a hobbiest myself.

#3 MissLumetta on 6 years ago

I'll come from two different points on this one, from both a photographer and cosplayer.

As the photographer, I would of cropped a potion of the top part of the photo, maybe to just above the bike, then crop the bottom up to your butt, and finally I would of cropped out the people on the right. I would do this because you are the focal point, and there is no need for the extra people in the photo. I can tell you are the focal point since the rest of the people in the first photo are a little blurred out. In the second photo, I wouldn't really post it unless you are absolutely in love with it. To me, there are too many lines that drag my attention away from you and down to the bottom of the photo, leaving nothing to bring my attention back up, not to mention the posts with the chains connecting them in the distance. However, if I was obligated to post the photo, I'd of cropped everything but you and maybe a little less to show you were sitting on something.

As the cosplayer. In the first photo, all I could nit pick on is posture, but I have the same problem to. Maybe you could turn your head a little more dramatically, maybe even to where we can see some of the nose. That might cause you sit more awkwardly, but I learned from a fellow model years ago that if you feel weird or uncomfortable when doing a pose 9 times out of 10 it's going to look better when the photo is taken. In the second photo, yeah the posture monster strikes again. Other then that, it seems fine to me, I like the pose for this one. If I HAD to pick something wrong with you, I'd nit pick on the icicles on the hoodie. Coming from an artistic point of view and I know the character design rather well, you really want the icicles to really stand out, but you also want it to be true to you as the artist. I've seen millions (ok not really millions) of Jack Frost cosplays, and the one thing that pulls the costume together is the icicles on the hoodie. Plus it looks like your sleeves are too long, but that's mom's 2 cents cause she's a professional tailor of like 40+ years.

But yeah, this is prolly a wall of text. Over all, I like the direction it's going. If you ever need help with poses or how to pose or what works well for you talk to fellow cosplayers. I've learned cool tips and tricks over the last year I've cosplayed from just talking to people and then developing my own style from what I've learned. And this is coming from 8 years of modeling and 7 years of photography.

#4 Inuki1 on 5 years ago

I have to agree with MissLumetta. The composition of the second picture is really distracting- too many lines and a busy background with people in it (kind of takes away from the photo). Those posts with the statue don't help and really confuse the viewer's eye. It would have been better to exclude everything in the background with either a very shallow dof or simply by moving to a better location. As for the railing/stuff on the grass/etc. I would've sat somewhere less "busy" looking, or else removed it in post work if that was the only photo I had.

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