Buying a Rapunzel Dress?

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#1 OfStrangeShadow on 5 years ago

Hello! I've been searching forever to find a Rapunzel dress that I can buy (because I can't make anything, even if it was to save my life) and haven't really found one that I fell in love with except this one ([url][/url]) and, as you can tell, the colors are completely off. Until yesterday, I was under the impression that, since it's a made-to-order cosplay, I could change the colors. That is not the case. So...does anyone know of a place where I can buy a decent Rapunzel dress without breaking my bank? I've been looking all over the place, but haven't been very successful.


#2 OfStrangeShadow on 5 years ago

If anyone could help, that'd be incredibly awesome!

#3 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

You could try the commissioner review thread to find sites with ready or custom made to see which ones are good to order from if you don't want to commission one specifically from a seller here

Cos play Fu used to get good reviews but I haven't looked recently so I would search online for 'buy Rapunzel cosplay' or similar, see which sites come up and then see if they're reviewed on here.

Here's some examples, I don't make any claim about how good the sites are though, just to show what's out there
Edit: Seems we can't post that site so maybe try another

#4 usuyukisou on 5 years ago

If you know how to order off Taobao, you could consider this one:

I contacted the cosplayer (Teakettel on tumblr) in the photo inquiring as to whether she got her costume there and later submitted the photos, and she answered in the affirmative.

It's still not the orchid pink you're looking for, but as you can see, Teakettel looks unmistakably like Rapunzel, and the price point is infinitely better than the one from F+F that you were looking at earlier.

Otherwise, yes, I would recommend commissioning and specifying the exact shade of fabric you are looking for.