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#1 amiller on 4 years ago

hi there everyone :)
so my sis and i want to participate in the cosplay competition at anime matsuri next year and we wanna do a skit
but we dont really understand how it all fits in.

[U]so we have a few questions:[/U]
1-do skits go on with the walk-ons, or is it like a whole seperate thing? or maybe they just go at the end???
2-are all skits judges by the same categories as walk-ons (novice, intermediate, and advanced)?
3-you can compete a a pair right? just making sure...-3-

we looked it up on youtube but there arent a lot of skits we could observe to figure out the whole thing, and the competition videos are all people not do skits???

plz halp us.. tanks much :3

#2 Midnight Dawn on 4 years ago

each cosplay convention work a bit differently to each other. But to answer your question

1. Generally they are separate. Walk-ons will be the first part as people who just want to show off their cosplay. Then the skit performances take place right after that.

2. Depends on the convention as rules and categories work differently for each of them.

3. Yes you can. Even in large groups if you want. But once again it depends on what convention you're going too and what contest ward you're aiming for.

There are lots of skits online all over youtube. You just need to type in a big name convention like fanime, sacanime, katsucon, etc followed with skit and the search results should be enormous as there are years worth of footage.

#3 Jei-Cos on 4 years ago

I'll start by answering the questions.
1, depends on the con. Very VERY small or new conventions might have then in one event. 2 cons (one I use to attend, and one I do attend) up here where I am have one event and do the walk ons, then immediately have the skits. Bigger cons will normally have 2 separate events, usually on different days.
2, as far as a "if you're new, we aren't gonna judge you the same as we would with attendee's who have been doing this here for years"? If so yes, normally that's how it'd work. You will also be judged on things like stage presence and other things that you would normally be judged for when doing a contest where you act. Obviously the one that has 4 people clapping is not going to win against a skit where everyone is clapping.
3, I've never seen a contest that refuses groups. Even more so with skits. Skits are normally more than one person, usually an entire cosplay group. I'd be more concerned if they turned groups

Yea youtube isn't really a good place to see what happens behind the scenes for the person entering as they likely aren't going to be bringing their camera to the contest since their IN it lol The best you'll find is someone at home talking about it as a "how to" kind of thing, but even then, I'd say that's less likely to be found still.
The best thing to do is email the con directly. They should be able to help a LOT.

#4 fabrickind on 4 years ago

How Masquerades are run at anime cons can vary pretty widely from con to con, region to region, etc. Some may be skits and walk-ons combined (how most seem to be run in California, where I'm from), some are walk-on only (and the focus is on craftsmanship), some have a separate contest for craftsmanship and performance so that walk-ons and skits are separated entirely (which is pretty much unheard of at anime cons in my area), etc. The specific rules will also be different for each con.

So it's always best to go to the source, because unless someone here is familiar with that specific Masquerade, we can't really answer all the questions. Anime Matsuri doesn't have their info up yet for this year, but I can't imagine that it has changed much from last year: [url][/url]

That should tell you the structure of the contest, the group size limits, etc. Keep an eye on the website this year to make sure the rules stay the same, but this should give you a better idea of how this particular con runs things.