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#1 deaneggsandsam on 2 years ago

Hi guys! So I'm almost done with a Steven cosplay that I've been planning for a while now, and I'm an absolute fan of the show and was thinking that once panel submissions are opened on the Anime Los Angeles site, that I and some of you guys could submit to have an SU panel??

If it were to all go through, that would be awesome! Here are the positions so far:

Steven: (Me)
Amethyst: (OPEN)
Pearl: (OPEN)
Garnet: (OPEN)
Lapis: (OPEN)
Peridot: (TAKEN)
Jasper: (OPEN)
Connie: (TAKEN)

I chose these characters based on what characters I thought would get asked more questions due to recent episodes (by popular demand)

Once I figure out who's interested and everything maybe we can rearrange what characters we submit depending on if some people don't fill in the spots ! ^^

Any questions just message me on here, or my Tumblr URL <3

#2 deaneggsandsam on 2 years ago

also I'm open to the idea of fusions as characters just depending on how many people we can have at the panel!

#3 BelgainDuRan on 2 years ago

Please keep us updated, as I'm hosting a Steven Universe Gathering and I am sure many of us would not wish to miss this panel.

#4 Puppy-of-Doom on 2 years ago

Sharing To Cosplay Group!