A-kon Room at Hilton. Roomates wanted

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#1 eternalprincess on 3 years ago

oom: Have!
Type: Double
Hotel: Hilton Anatole
Number of slots available: 4
Dates: Thursday through Sunday. Checkout is Sunday.
Price per person per night: $100 for the weekend per person.
Payment types accepted: Paypal preferably BEFORE the event. I'm willing to negotiate though if you need to pay cash or something.
Preferences: FEMALES ONLY. Non-smoking, and no alcohol in the room. If you are over 21 feel free to drink but please, for the sake of your roomies, don't come back totally wasted. If you are under 18 I need a parental emergency contact and would like them to have my contact info as well. Speaking for myself, my best friend, and my little sister we are night owls so we would be tolerant of late in and out. No underage drinking or smoking will be tolerated. If you have any relevant allergies I'd also like to know that as well.

Additional stuff: You will be sharing with two professional career women (24, and 25) as well as my teenage sister (17). My name is Sarah, I'm a professional cosplay photographer who travels the world shooting cosplays and conventions. I also shoot for A-kon as a part of their photo team every year. I love glitter, Sailor Moon, all of the foods, Harry Potter, etc. A-kon was my first convention and is by far my favorite. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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