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#1 DivisibleByZero on 3 years ago

So I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen a thread for The 100 cosplays yet...

I absolutely love The 100, and the new cosplay I will be working on is that of Lexa from The 100!
I'm super determined to complete her cosplay before the con I will be attending in November.

My biggest issue, though, is her outfits have unique pieces in it that are kind of hard to find--I'm looking for her moto jeans (they're black jeans with a ribbed section over the knees), her shirt (black long sleeved shirt that is horizontally ribbed), among others...

Here are a few images of her (brown hair):




A lot of her other little accessories like her belt and gloves and such, I was just planning on making if I couldn't find the right pieces online...
So any help looking for these clothing items and such would be great help--even if you just stumble upon them while browsing online, let me know!

Is anyone else planning on doing any The 100 cosplays?
I plan on doing multiple outfits of Lexa's, as well as an Anya cosplay, and possibly Clarke--but the aesthetic of the grounders is so much more appealing to me, haha.

#2 SasItUp on 3 years ago

(Little bit delayed but) Yay The 100!

I'm also keen to do this version of Lexa at some stage, and also Octavia (keen on several of her 'grounder' looks from the more recent seasons)

Depending on how accurate you wanna get, I figure accessories may be easier to make then find, Unfortunately I'm also a bit stumped on the pants and top.
I knew I'd seen pants around like that before but didn't really know the term for them (thanks for the clue-in), and though I've done a number of searches can't find any Moto pants looking like hers (though plenty close options for Clarke :P)
Looking at them though it does seem it'd be pretty easy to 'fake' it by adding a patch with pintucks to an ordinary pair of skinny jeans.

The top though - yea stumped on that. I can't think of any good/easy ways to modify a top for that texture (and certainly haven't found any). Seems it would be best to find a similar fabric and make from scratch - though finding a fabric like that may present its own challenges.

I always try keep her in mind when I hit my local op shops and keep an eye out in the hopes of luckily stumbling on something suitable :P

#3 Arianafire on 3 years ago


I will also try to cosplay Lexa this year. It is my first cosplay so I confess to be a bit nervous. I am living in Boston and it will be for the Comic con here (I don't think any of the actresses will come but I want to cosplay her anyway).

DivisibleByZero, maybe we can help each other, although we are living in different states.