Shamanic Princess

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#1 MissAmphipolis on 3 years ago

So, this is one more of a technicality, as Shamanic Princess is a CLAMP collectible, but not a series officially licensed as being by CLAMP.
It's when one of the artists from CLAMP went solo.

Anyway, I'm going to begin working on Tiara's red dress soon and was curious to find any others who cosplay from the show.

Luckily, the animation scenes give me some good indicators of where zippers are but my main hang-up is patterning and fabric choice.

I'm leaning towards a stretch pleather, but I'm wondering if there are any other leathery looking fabrics that would also work.
Hoping to find one that's boot cover friendly, as that's what I see myself doing for her ridiculously high thigh highs!

Photo here