Shannara Chronicles Reaper design

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#1 ericburnard on 4 years ago

Hi there,

I am starting my first cosplay costume at the end of this winter, and have finally decided on the costume. I knew immediately when I watched last nights episode of The Shannara Chronicles that it was to be the Reaper demon. The only problem is that I cannot find any decent full body picture to start drawing my design, only some small ones from the episode.

So, what I am wondering is;

[*]Is there a site which you use for getting drawing or good quality picture to design from.
[*]If not, do the creators/TV stations give out pictures or drawing on request?
[*]And if not, how do you guys go about drawing the plans from very little material?

Sorry if this might come across as a very novice question, but I cannot find anything like this question on the internet.


#2 QueenZombean on 4 years ago

It's a lot of guess work!