Can I wear contacts if I haven't worn them in a while?

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#1 DancingFish on 3 years ago

I don't wear contacts to often but I wanted to wear them for Halloween so I opened a pack to get use to them. They are the monthly kind. I wore it on the 6th, 8th, and 10th but then I stopped since putting on glasses is just easier. Is it okay if I leave it in the container until Halloween or should I dump out the solution and put in new one every so often until Halloween? Or is it to late since it is the 15th now and they just been sitting in the solution?

I would ask my ophthalmologist but he gets really annoying when he finds out I don't wear my contacts since he hates glasses.

#2 ShinobiXikyu on 3 years ago

Change the solution every 3 or so days and you'll be fine, but don't keep them much longer past the throwout date (monthly means after you open them, you should chuck them out after 30 days. If you don't wear them daily I've found you can double that to 60, my own bf is a daily wearer and does that himself, but it's not recommended for less durable lenses like that). I use both dailies and circle lenses that are intended to last a year and only wear my lenses a few times a month, no troubles here.

#3 DancingFish on 3 years ago

Thank you for the advice and all the info!~