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#1 sickleweed on 1 year ago

ALA has released their gathering sites map for 2018 and I am currently contacting each host in the order they submitted their gathering requests to ask them to choose a site. I have contacted half of the number of hosts on the gathering schedule already, but there are a few that never responded and they're all from (they only provided their contact info, no FB info). So please, if you requested to host a gathering, check your Inboxes, especially if you made your request back in July.


#2 sickleweed on 1 year ago

Hi everyone,

The ALA con publication deadline is set for December 9th at midnight. If you want your gathering to make it into the con publication, please submit your gathering requests before tomorrow night.

You can continue to make changes or submit new gatherings past the con publication deadline, but please be aware that these changes will only be reflected in the online gathering schedule [URL=""][U]HERE[/U][/URL]. I will be accepting changes to the online gathering schedule up until midnight of the day before the actual convention.

To the hosts who still have not responded to my messages or this post about choosing your gathering site, I will have to just leave you out of the schedule I am submitting for the con publication since you have not provided enough info for your gathering.