Attack on Titan AX 2018 Cosplay Gathering

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#1 sickleweed on 2 years ago

Hi everyone!

I will once again be hosting the Attack on Titan cosplay gathering this year! I was gonna give up the gig after last year since I've been host of the gathering for the last couple of years, but in the end, I just couldn't resist. As per my usual custom, official merch will be given away as raffle prizes AND I'm going to try to fit in some games where you can win prizes as well. Hope you join in on the fun!

Attack on Titan
Day 3, Saturday, 7/7
2 - 3:30 PM
Site 9 (stairs where the registration lines were in 2017)
[URL=""]Facebook link[/URL]

#2 epicaz on 2 years ago

I should have known to check here before some aimless Facebook/Google searches! I'm glad to hear you'll be running this again, I met some awesome people last year! See you there!