Seeking room for 1!!

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#1 Mizby on 1 year ago

Hey there!!! My name is Mael, and I'm looking for a room for my partner, Kevin!

Kevin is 21 years old, uses he/him pronouns and is very kind and very respectful. He's pretty shy and will mostly keep to himself (if not be with me around the con.)

He's willing to pay any amount for a room from Thursday to Monday!

(Friday - Monday also works.)

Please contact me for this, I'd like to get it figured out ASAP!!

My email is: [email][email protected][/email]

Cheers! <3

#2 Jei-Cos on 1 year ago

I'm gonn also send you an email, but It's easier for me to reply here if possible.

I have a spot. Just be aware it's a floor spot. So if this is not something he is willing to have, then I totally understand. He'd be the 5th person in the room, therefore all the bed spaces are taken already. We have comfortably fit 6 people in this hotel before many times too, so there's no problem with space.

It'd be at the Renaissance hotel (if address is needed, let me know).
Cost would be $119 for his share of the room.
This cost is the full cost of the room stay, divided by the number of people. In this case, by 5. If we happen to find a 6th person, the amount per person would lower to, $99.

And the make or break part. I require payment of the hotel cost via paypal the friday prior to the con at the latest. In this case that would be March 23rd. This is to ensure the money will transfer to my bank in time. If it's not in my account upon check in, I can't check into the room, thus no one has a room.

Thank you.