Hotel Booking Virtual Waiting Room

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#1 Kyengen on 2 years ago


[quote]Virtual Waiting Room: This year, we will be implementing a virtual waiting room on the hotel booking site to ensure that it will not crash due to high-traffic. Please note that there is also a time limit of 15 minutes for completing your reservation on the hotel booking site. Inactivity on the site for the duration of the time limit will result in a timeout message and will require you to start the reservation process over again.[/quote]

Does anyone have any idea what this means or entails? I haven't done the virtual waiting room thing before.

#2 sicdedman on 2 years ago

The Virtual waiting room is basically a first come first serve.
sometimes a virtual waiting room will open 10-15 minutes before the appointed time and those that get into the waiting room will have to wait for people ahead of them to book hotel rooms,etc...

Sometimes when buying concert tickets etc... there are waiting rooms.

#3 animejunkie on 2 years ago


Does anyone have any idea what this means or entails? I haven't done the virtual waiting room thing before.[/QUOTE]

Not sure how it will work with hotel booking, but AX had something similar in place when they first put tickets on sale for last year's concerts and Comic Con uses a virtual waiting room for badges

#4 Alyssa3467 on 2 years ago

I'm kind of wondering myself. I have the block open date and time in my calendar with three different notifications, 2 hours, 60 minutes, and 30 minutes before. ��

I also wonder how much of a difference it will actually make. Last year, the problem was that AX insisted on giving the link only on their own site and not on Facebook or Twitter. Once you had the URL, it was smooth sailing because it was the AX site that kept coming down, not the hotel registration service.

#5 Quikbeam on 2 years ago

Im not sure if they have already instituted the virtual waiting room for the premier registration which a little over an hour ago, but something i did notice is the site ran a lot smoother when i registered right as it opened. In previous years there was always significant lag and finding available rooms was difficult due them being sold incredibly quickly.

This year i was able to pick my room with no lag and get it without any issues. Granted i did it literally as it went live, so not many people could have been trying to get rooms at the time.