Mystic Messenger 2017

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#1 vee41 on 2 years ago

Hi all!

Is anyone else going as a character from Mystic Messenger this year? I'm cosplaying as 707 (crossplay since I'm a girl)

OH! I've also suggested a Mystic Messenger panel, if anyone is interested in joining me as a panelist on it, please register at

If there's enough of us, we should do a photoshoot as well.

#2 DireKitty on 2 years ago

I feel like this may be pretty popular

#3 torichan7 on 2 years ago

Me~! ^^ I'll be cosplaying (your bro xD) Unknown/ Saeran!

I would really love to participate in the panel....(but I got real bad social anxiety issues ;______; ) .......but who knows~ :)

Though it's nice to see a panel for this game! (Seven's route left me on an emotional roller coaster... >o<) :heart:

#4 vee41 on 2 years ago

It's not confirmed that it will be a panel yet, unfortunately! But if enough people register it as a panel at it will likely be able to be one! :) I hope it comes to fruition.

#5 DireKitty on 2 years ago

someone booked a photoshoot for this :3

#6 FilDeCristal on 2 years ago

I should be there as MC on Sunday. :)

#7 Shujitsun on 2 years ago

Going as Seven with my V on Friday & Sunday~

#8 Tenchii on 2 years ago

Another Seven reporting in.

#9 vee41 on 2 years ago

Amazing! I love seeing all of these other Sevens :D I'll see you all at the photoshoot!