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#1 Shana05 on 3 years ago

I'm thinking of redoing a Halloween costume from way back, Sadako/Samara from The Ring. I was her back in 2005 but since I know a lot more about making good costumes than I did then and with the new movie coming out, I think I can do a much better job than I did back then. I also want to add to it by making a well like [URL=""]this person did[/URL]. Problem is, this is a very had thing to Google information about. Does anyone have information about how to go about this?

#2 Scunosi on 3 years ago

Without getting a closer look than the thumbnail (Pinterest is very restrictive if you don't log in and I'm at work) it just looks like something that could be made out of upholstery foam and painted, possibly covered with fabric and then painted instead. Seems fairly simple to make, but a paint to carry around unless you make transparent straps similar to what you see on sandwich board or barrel wearers.

#3 Drigori on 3 years ago




Found some folks that made the well before so those links may help. Would say there are probely many ways you can make something similar, with foam, cardboard etc and just shape and paint it or add some more materials on the outer part to make the details pop.

#4 Shana05 on 3 years ago

Thank you both