Fastening Acrylic sheets

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#1 scribblingninja on 1 year ago

I'm making an ink tank for my inkling cosplay, from 3mm Flexible acrylic sheet ([URL=""]This stuff.[/URL])
Anyway, getting it into a tube and keeping it that way is proving... difficult.

So far I've hot-glued it, but it's quite messy looking and I'm not really confident it's going to hold long-term; parts of it are already separating.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better way to hold it together? (As cheaply as possible, ideally. I don't have much in the way of hardware, or the skills to use it anyway.)

#2 nathancarter on 1 year ago

For best results, acrylic cement.



Other types of plastic cements may work, but may not be as strong.
I haven't used this but it might be OK:

Cyanoacrylate (super glue) might work. I haven't tried it. It DID NOT work on clear polycarbonate, but I haven't tried it on acrylic.

In a super pinch, high-temp hot glue will work better than low-temp or multi-temp hot glue, but this is still pretty much a last resort.

#3 scribblingninja on 1 year ago

Ah! Thank you!

Both of those are astoundingly expensive on the UK site. Is [URL=""]this[/URL] the same thing?

#4 nathancarter on 1 year ago

Almost certainly the same thing (or close enough).

Make sure to test on scrap pieces first; it'll be much different than working with hot glue.

You might look for a local plastics supplier or sign shop, who might have it on hand and be able to give you additional advice.

edit, in the "frequently bought together" there was also this:

#5 scribblingninja on 1 year ago

Thank you! :D