Trouble selecting yellow wig

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#1 Scunosi on 2 years ago

I've yet to have to use a yellow wig for anything and I'm thinking of doing a [URL=""]Princess Peach[/URL] outfit from [URL=""]Super Mario Odyssey[/URL]. I've looked at more natural blondes and decided they all read too similarly to Rosalina's platinum blonde for my taste so I'm going to be brave and stick with cartoony yellow even though it has a tendency to set off all sorts of uncanny valley bells.

Right now I'm stuck between Arda's Yellow and Epic's Rich Butterscotch. The Arda looks to be a warmer hue while Epic's looks a little more green/fluorescent. I think Epic's may be more accurate but since I'm on the paler side I'm worried it'll look bad against my skin. I'd order swatches but only Epic offers them by the color, I'd have to get a whole ring for Arda from what I can tell.

I was hoping to get some opinions of people just looking through some of my photos in different lighting, should I go with one over the other or are they pretty much the same? I'm partial to the Arda one since it's warmer but if the crowd says Epic will look fine I may go with it instead.