Star guardian soraka help!

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#1 Gloomy Gumi on 2 years ago

Ok so i but im having a hard time on either buying the outfit and wig on ebay or make it myself

the pro of making it myself it would be cheaper (i think) plus my mom offered to sew it if the pattern is simple

the con is trying to find a pattern in my size, and im not to sure if the pattern itself is simple let alone i plus there the other accessories i need to make, witch in reality it would be in the back burner for a long time never would be touch. XD;

the pro of buying it my lazy butt dont have to worry about making it however i feel its more expensive to buy it off ebay or anywhere else with the wig and shoes so if anyone can help me
or have a site or person they recommend please let me know!

#2 Celeste_Orchid on 2 years ago

For patterns I recommend a base strapless dress with princess seams and then alter it from there. Add a skirt underneath and use a corset underneath to act as a base for the wings..

I think Miccostumes sells it pretty cheap tho

I think 90 is hard to beat versus time and materials...