How do I look more feminine.. HELP!!!

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#1 1NSANOS117 on 2 years ago

I'm want to do M2F crossplay but need help with feminizing my face, I've looked up heaps of make-up tutorials but no matter what I do I still see my male features & I don't want to go Drag...
I know this short notice but I have 9 days until the cosplay event i'm going to (SUPERNOVA 2017 in Melbourne, Australia) and I at least want to look a bit more like a female.

Any advice or links to websites for help would be amazing

I'm intending to cosplay Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki

I believe I have everything I need:

Black Liquid eyeliner
BB cream
Orange lipstick (to help cover beard shadow)
eye shadow
lip gloss
fake lashes
eye lash curler

If anyone has any ideas as to what I should add to this list it would be a HUGE help.

#2 KuruttaKanashii on 2 years ago

You don't say which makeup tutorials you've looked up. Contouring is going to be what makes you look femme, more so than lipstick and eyeliner.
If you really, really think your features are too masc, you might want to look into prosthetics.

#3 Neelh on 2 years ago

Most femininity is in how you perceive yourself!!! Gender is mostly social, and i don't understand how someone can be more or less masculine or feminine. However, i do know that makeup tutorials are good to watch, especially drag queens' tutorials as they will help with covering stubble

#4 DanArt on 2 years ago

To most people more curves, hair, bust, and simplicity makes you look more girlish (feminine). Walking around in a skirt/dress is a standard as well. Make-up is for old people. A young person it is just for show. So less makeup is more. However if you see the airport women that is a good example of typical women makeup, however the blush should come natural as it can be triggered by emotions even when extremely young.

Another obvious is the hair around the sides of the head. However this is due to people who do not have enough experience with women at all.

Take Morgan Webb from X-play. When she was blonde she had one kind of look. Her best look was the red-haired, tight chested, etc. Minus the jacket. However nowadays she has this [email protected](##!# herbal tea look. She went from a bleach blonde nerd girl, to a pin-up girl, straight to a granny.

With barbie vs. Lily dolls they made them without curves back in WWII as to appose the motherly look ( with curves ). Lily became Barbie and so forth. Nowadays we have so much to draw from there is all kinds of looks. The motherly body is no different then the ideal women body. That is how twisted things are today.

#5 muckypup on 2 years ago

There are so many faces, and so many brands and colours and kinds of make-up, that just listing what's in your bag isn't going to give us the best idea of how to help.
If you wouldnt mind uploading a picture of you without make-up, your best attempt at make-up so far (don't worry, we're all learning and growing here) and maybe an image of the kind of look you would like to get closer too.

Like others said, less is usually more. When not applied correctly, or trying to force a look too much, make-up can age the wearer or indeed give a drag effect.

If you're uncomfortable uploading the pictures, stay with a more natural level of makeup, take extra care if you're prone to a shadow (stage makeup maybe?), and find some images of women with features similar to you.
Whatever feature you consider masuline, be it your brow, jawline, chin, see if you can find a female with those features and see if you can gain inspiration from how they still do look feminine.

ps. don't sweat it, you'll look great, have a ball and get better every time!