Grinch head-hair ??

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#1 DR4296 on 2 years ago

Greetings All !

I have started prepping a Grinch (movie version) build for Halloween.

I ordered 5 yards of what most people seem to use for the fur, something called "Mongolian Olive Green" fur. And, I'll admit, I farmed out the sewing of the body pattern to a retired lady at my church, because I knew I'd be pretty tapped for time on this project.

I have sculpted the head in clay and am at the point where I'm about to create a latex appliance to put on my face.

My problem is: What am I going to do about Grinch's facial and head hair?
My seamstress is prepping a sort of "hood with a lion's mane", as I'll admit, I've seen some designs (mostly where people use makeup and not a prosthetic) that put a hood on to mimic the hair, which does give a nice seamless look with the rest of their body.

However, in some photos I've seen, people seem to have used hair attached to the edges of the prosthetic appliance... all the way around the edges of the face (and I'm not really sure what they do for the back of the head). This looks nice, but it doesn't seem to be crepe hair... it looks almost like they stole hair for a wig or something. And I were to try to do that, the first question in my mind is: how in the heck would I DYE it to exactly match the color of the Mongolian Olive Green fur?

I've wondered if, as an alternative, I could take the 2-3 inch long fur strands and somehow "glue them together to be longer" without it looking stupid. ??

Just wondering if anybody here has any advice on how I could go with this? I have zero experience working with artificial hair.