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#1 NaughtsApproach on 6 years ago

SO i am just starting out taking photos seriously.
So i did a small photo shoot with my sister in her Female Spock from Star Trek Costume.
I would love a critique on my photography. Positioning, lighting, anything you can think of that will help me improve.
(Note...i do not have any form of
photo shop or photo editing software. for now, it be to expensive for a poor art student haha)

Here are some of the photos.






#2 Ayase Shin on 6 years ago

I love the second ones perspective and the lighting you have is good. I would recommend playing around with a few lighting techniques and continue to experiment more on maybe focusing in some shots to bring out the character from the BG, to express scenes.
overall your pics are good. keep up the good work, :)

#3 MissLumetta on 6 years ago


This one right here, I love it to death! It looks like the Star Trek logo as a statue is behind her.

#4 figment1986 on 5 years ago

Photo one is a great location, reminds me of a side room for the "new" enterprise, lighting is good, white balance is off a little though.

Photo two is a little busy in the background, might be better to be closer to her or bluring out the background a little more.

Photo three is wonderful and reminds me of the planet visited in the "second" of the new series.

photo four is my favorite with the way the arches make the starfleet logo

photo five is good, but it just seems too far away. maybe cropping a little closer to reduce the head room and legg room.

overall, nice job! I would recomend checking out the student liscenses for photoshop / lightroom (which ever you prefer) when you have the funds, I use both and they are amazing, especially when you get a chance to shoot in RAW format. A lot of this reminds me of my earlier work from 2007 actually.

#5 MaiCosplay on 5 years ago

1. I like her expression. I can think of a few poses you can take. 1 She could put the other hand on her hip. 2. Both hands behind her back and give a smug look with her nose in the air looking down and an eye raised. And for the lighting I would of framed it closer to the sun at an angle.

2. Another pose putting the hand on the hip and a hand holding the gun pointed up. The background and lighting and pose is superb.

3. A wider shot would be nice though. 1. A back to the roses pose caressing the roses and looking back to the camera with a stern look, head slightly tilted or so. With a bit more lighting would help or maybe with a glare of the sun. 2. Holding the rose, or smelling it pointing head down with the rose background. I love the shot nonetheless.

4. I love it, it's perfect. I would just like to see the other hand on the waist or hip slightly moving forward.

5. The shadow could be fixed with lighting and eiting. Now a cool pose tor this would be a close up either looking up Northwest and with a smirk. Or straight ahead with a gaze and slight smirk.