Con Group photo shoot etiquette

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#1 figment1986 on 5 years ago

When your participating in a group photo shoot of a bunch of different cos-players and doing this for fun... whats the proper etiquette for dealing with other photographers. I don't mind doing these shoots but I have had some bad encounters with "pros" who try to take it over and boss us hobbits around. I don't mind constructive criticism but to be told exactly how to do the photos is annoying.

#2 MaiCosplay on 5 years ago

You should have the freedom to pose however, you're the cosplayer/model. After a few of your own poses, the photographer should give their own input on where/how you should pose. Feed of each other's energy. This can make the pics look really good and diversified.

#3 figment1986 on 5 years ago

nice to see that from the cosplay point of view... forgot to mention, USUALLY im a photographer at cons though.

#4 sukotsuto on 5 years ago

Consider what they say based on their experience because some of it might be helpful, but just look at it as advice. So I'd say listen and then do your own thing after they finish talking. If they start getting pushy, then politely say that everyone has their own style of photography and that you want to try your own methods.

#5 brucer007 on 5 years ago

The way you wrote your original post did imply you were one of the photographers.

Treat their advice like anything else. If they impose a quick idea, you can let it just roll off you like a Nerf rocket. If they slow you down with a longer monologue, just politely find a way to end it, so you can get on with what you like. Try, "Thanks for sharing." or " Thanks. I'll take it from here.", or the abrupt. "I've got some photos to take."

#6 nathancarter on 5 years ago

Depends on the photoshoot and the context.

If it's an organized meet that the other photographer has arranged in advance and is directing, it's a little rude to show up out of the blue, and interrupt their work to get your own shots.

If it's just an ad-hoc gathering that was not organized in advance, then you've just gotta play it by ear. I generally don't stick around once it turns into a paparazzi-style shouting match.

If it's a large group shoot - especially a very large one with hundreds of cosplayers, like the DC shoots at Dragon Con and MegaCon - then there's almost certainly going to be an organizer who is directing and controlling. Otherwise it'll rapidly turn into chaos.