Naruto Photoshoot at anime boston 2014

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#1 Sakuraharunogir on 5 years ago

Hello all I am advertising a Naruto photoshoot at Anime Boston this year mostly for my cosplay group but anyone can be in the photos :) I am also doing this because I have not bin told about an official Naruto photoshoot. (so me the newbie at putting together photoshoots is putting it together) The Naruto Cosplayers Group will host it for now. Until I get more information and more people I will update where to meat. but for now it will be scheduled at 12:00 noon -3:00pm at anime Boston. (if this time conflicts with anything it can be changed if multiple people have time issues.) OK that is it for now so see you all there!!! ^^ :)
if you wish to contact me my FB is here:

#2 dragonlance311 on 5 years ago

ill be bringing my shippuden naruto to anime boston. do we have a time and place for shoot.

My cosplays can be found here: [url][/url]
and heres my main facebook: [url][/url]

#3 Sakuraharunogir on 5 years ago

The time would be around 12:00 noon on Saturday I am looking for a place to meat up I will chose the location on Friday and post it on the form and the Facebook group