Sailor Mercury Wig

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#1 lilone on 6 years ago

Hi! I'm trying to pick a wig for the Sailor Mercury cos I'm working on. I haven't really seen anything that is really her style, so no matter what I get I'll probably have to style. This'll be my first wig, so I don't even really know what to look for.

These are some that I found on Amazon.

#2 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Personally I would look through arda's wigs. They look a lot more natural than anything you'll find on a cheap amazon ad. They are extremely high quality as well.
These are the short wigs.
I believe the Magnum (bottom row) is the one most people use..
You can look at that wig (or any other you like) then look here:
And pic the colors you like and see what they look like on people. That will give you a good look at what the wig will be when you get it in terms of color

#3 Fabulousity on 6 years ago

Epic Cosplay has really great wigs. I've gotten a bunch from them and have loved them all. Those $7 wigs might seem like a good deal, but they'll wind up looking like crap. Either get the Epic Cosplay wig, or buy one from Arda.

#4 AwkwardMarkie on 6 years ago

I wouldn't recommend ordering wigs from an Amazon trusted seller or Ebay as it is too easy for them to falsely advertise their merchandise. Personally, I'd suggest looking at Amphigory. They are a smaller company, but I've ordered several wigs from them and I've never been disappointed. Also, their customer service is very knowledgeable and open to you asking questions before you make a purchase. I recently had a wonderful customer experience with them. After a quick browsing of their website I found these wigs:


Another good website, as mentioned above, is Arda, but their wigs generally need a bit more styling (bang trim, hair glue, etc). Where Amphigory has a lot of unique wig styles that are ready to go as soon as they arrive in your mailbox, Arda wigs make good starting point wigs if you aren’t afraid to try to tame and style them.

#5 Alyssa3467 on 6 years ago

I had the same problem, with Sailor Mercury being my first cosplay that needed a wig. I ultimately went with one from Epic Cosplay.

#6 lilone on 6 years ago

Thank you all for your advice! I actually ended up finding a wig I'm really happy with at a wig shop not too far from my house :)