Gravity Falls Photoshoot?

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#1 DirkTheDestroyr on 3 years ago

Would anyone be interested in doing a gravity falls photoshoot on Saturday/Halloween?
I'm going to be human!Bill, and I thought having a photoshoot could be fun. Not sure if it'll be able to be organized quickly enough for Saturday, especially since I have no idea where we would meet up. If you have any ideas/interest, please comment!

If you just want to meet up individually, that could be arranged too!

#2 angeloflight on 3 years ago

Hey! I'm planning on cosplaying Giffany tomorrow. It looks like no one else responded to this, but have you heard anything elsewhere about a possible GF meetup? I haven't seen anything at all other than your post. I would definitely be interested in attending a meetup if there is one planned.

#3 DirkTheDestroyr on 3 years ago

I haven't seen anything about a meet up anywhere else which is why I started this thread. I don't really have anything planned, and since only two of us at this point, it probably won't happen. Unless we're able to get a whole bunch of cosplayers to just gather somewhere. I don't even know of a good place to have a photoshoot, maybe outside?