Are there no hotel's left?

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#1 WondererBailey on 4 years ago

Just to clear up my confusion....the fact that every hotel is listed as "unavailable", does that mean room reservations are not open yet or that every hotel is literally booked?

I was hoping to attend this year (it's the closest con to my birthday and thought it would be fun) but if the hotel's are all booked \( =3= )/-shrug-

#2 Freight on 4 years ago

The hotels were booked within about 5 hours of opening. It was brutal.

#3 WondererBailey on 4 years ago

Dang... OnO)'...guess I can expect the same of AX then OTL...

#4 Eldi on 4 years ago

They booked. I did manage to get room at the sainte claire across the street just last week though. I'd just stalk the various hotel websites every day and see if anything opens up.

#5 neenach2002 on 4 years ago

FYI, JW Marriott Double/Double rooms (AX, not Fanime) sold out within 15 minutes of going up. I've never seen them go that quick. :-/

#6 Freight on 4 years ago

That's for a different convention.