Superhero Cosplayers at Melbourne Comic Con 2015

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#1 SaintAngel on 4 years ago

Last night I kind of did a bit of impulse shopping and bought myself a two-day ticket for comic con in June! I'll be cosplaying a genderbent version of Superboy on the first day and Harley Quinn on the second!
If you're going as a superhero, Marvel, DC or other, who are you going as! I'd love to get some pictures.

#2 on 4 years ago

If I had been more organised, I would've finished my Ironman Mk 1 build, but alas I haven't had the time lately.

I mayhap cobble together a Mal Reynolds costume. I'm only waiting on my replica Liberty Hammer to arrive from the U.S. for that to be a complete kit.

Oh, and Jewel Staite will be there. -sigh-