Summoner plus summoned critters?

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#1 Ashmire on 4 years ago

Okay, pursuant to this query[URL=""][/URL], though I've not had a response yet, I do have the glimmerings of an idea (subject to change if a better thought occurs)and am looking for advice on how to best accomplish it, etc. What comes to mind is a summoner( probably FFV or Tactics as being easiest) and two summons, most likely Carbuncle and Bahamut, though I'm open to suggestions.

#2 Ashmire on 4 years ago

Actually, just got an improvement to this plan courtesy of one of my D&D group, who suggested Ifrit---much easier than Bahamut, since my larger dog already looks a lot like FFVIII Ifrit if you squint a bit---big muscles and there is a reason I named him after a Native American word for fire, after all! So now I just need to figure out a good way to attach some horns and perhaps some chiffon or foamsheet flames to a Gentle Leader and maybe see how he feels about wearing some little gold armbands.