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#1 oxana124 on 6 years ago

Hi everyone!
I am new here. This is my first time making a cosplay costume, I have always wanted to do, so I am very excited. I just wanted to write out my plan of action below, and if anyone wanted to give me any input or link me to other threads I should read that would be awesome, I really want to get this right!
The outfit I am doing is the one where she has the plaid skirt, figured that would be a little more manageable for a newbie like myself.
1.) Shirt: I ordered a button down white shirt that is long sleeve, but I will remove the sleeves. I will change the buttons with black with the X in white thread on them just like on Serah's. I will use either white fabric or a white ribbon(if I can find an opaque white one) to make the zigzag that goes on the side of the buttons and will sew that on. Then I plan to use a white chiffon(is that what that clear fabric is called?) to make the little details on the bottom of her shirt. I plan to cut out the right shape and sew that onto the shirt(so it will not be see through, because to me that part of Serah's shirt does not look see through also I know a lot of people interpret it as such). I will use same white ribbon around the edges of that detail.
2.) Vest- I plan to make this out of a sheer pink fabric, still need to go to the fabric store. I plan to make the little ties on back with ribbon, except I am confused because I have seen both pink and charcoal, like actual screen shots of the game where they were different, so not sure why that is. But I know on the figurine the ties are pink, so I think I am going to go with pink.
3.) Hairtie/Bracelet - found good screen shots online that I am going to go by, already ordered all the beads I will need. I love making jewelry, so I think I will be ok on this part.
4.) Earrings/Necklace - I plan to make this out of polymer clay, have not worked with it before, but I like crafty things so I think this will go ok for me. I plan to sand it and spray paint it with a chrome colored spray paint to get it to look extra shiny and silver-like. I am still looking for the perfect jewel to go inside on the necklace, I am not sure if it is clear or purple(as it looks purple in the Square Enix version). I am also not sure if I should get a diamond shape jewel in the same kind of silver setting as in the square Enix version, or perhaps do something different.
5.) Stockings/diamond leg shield - So I was just going to get a pair of back knee high stockings(I am quite short so they will probably end right above the knee like on Serah). Is there anything I should know, like do some work better than others? It is also hard to tell if they should be a little bit sheer or completely opaque.
The silver strips on the stocking I was going to make out of something, like silver ribbon perhaps? Serah's are really metallic looking, so I am not sure if there is a better option, let me know if you have advice.
I have not decided how I will make that diamond shield thingy yet, need to walk around a craft store for some inspiration.
6.) White bandage on left arm - So I really don't want to use just plain gauze because on Serah it looks kind of nicer than that, but on the other hand it would be neat to have the L'Cie symbol underneath and have it show through a little bit.
7.) Black leather armband on right arm - found lots of great tutorials, just need to get some black vinyl/pleather, hoping JoAnnes will have it. And need to find those silver button snaps as well with the tool, online they are like $10 plus shipping, so hoping to find it in store.
8.) Makeup - I am really into makeup, so should be all set on that front.
9.) Contacts - up until recently I never even considered this option, because my vision is quite bad and I need corrective lenses. But I have come to learn I can get prescription circle lenses! So now I am extremely excited and need to do a lot of research. If anyone has advice on a good quality brand, let me know! Also, any input on diameter size would be appreciated as well. I found some that were 14.5mm, is that big enough for a visible effect?
Serah's eyes look purple to me, so I was going to find something in that colors hopefully.
10.) Boots - got some from ebay, just need to switch the shoe laces and paint part of the boots white, any recs on paint for fake leather shoes? I was just going to go to Michaels/ACMoore and look for some sort of paint that is made for vinyl/plastic etc.
11.) Plaid Skirt - I really want to get this right, I ordered this fabric from Spoonflower: [url][/url]
I have never made a skirt before, but my mom is going to help me and she has sewn quite a few things. I am really confused about that gold sash on the skirt. What are people making this out of? I am thinking maybe polymer clay to get it exact, but not sure if that will make it heavy or if it will be too fragile.

Thank you so much for reading this super long list, if you have any advice let me know!

#2 oxana124 on 5 years ago

So I found a good way to make that leg diamond/shield/emblem thing :)
I used some modeling compound, it is in the kids crafts section of Michael's or ACMoore. Crayola makes one, but they had some off brand too for like $2 so that is what I got. I got the white color, and it is this really foamy lightweight material, will be nice and light to wear. I made a little diamond shape, then rolled out a long thing piece and pushed down on it to flatten it into a ribbon of sorts. I then used it to wrap around the diamond shape. On the back I used a pin I got from the jewelry making section and just kind of dug it into the modeling compound so it would be stuck in there. It has been drying overnight and feel relatively firm, but it says to wait 72 hours, so I will do that. Then I will paint that outer strip gold with some acrylic paint and be done. I have been taking pics so I can make a blog post later when I am all done, and also I made a video which I plan to post on youtube when it is done. So, just wanted to share in case it helps anyone!

Also, for the silver ribbon on the stockings, I looked at all sorts of materials yesterday at Joannes Fabrics, and honestly the thing that actually looked the best to me is this thin silver tape, that is DuckTape brand. It looked the most shiny silver and the right size, so I just went ahead and got that, will see how it looks once I get some stockings.

#3 oxana124 on 5 years ago

I just wanted to share how my cosplay turned out :)
Here is a link to my blog post with photos:

#4 oxana124 on 5 years ago

I just wanted to update on how my costume turned out. What is the best way to post photos/video? I tried to post a link to my blog but it did not work.

#5 oxana124 on 5 years ago

ok, I tried putting the link in my signature, because when I try to post pic it doesn't work.