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#1 Dark_Sage on 4 years ago

Noticed there were some older threads about people looking for rooms. PM'd one of 'em but didn't get an answer back, so I'm making a post.

So I got a suite with two queen beds and two couches at the Sheraton. Have tonight, Friday, and Sunday booked. Saturday is a dice roll, but I think I'll be able to grab a night then.

Cost'll be pretty cheap.

Not triggered by literally everything (my mouth is unfiltered)

Email: darksagerk -at- gmail -dot- com
Twitter: @feedmeyourtears
Or PM me here.

#2 fire2ninja on 3 years ago

any sports still open?

#3 ThakYuki on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=fire2ninja;4994490]any sports still open?[/QUOTE]

This thread is from last year...

#4 fire2ninja on 3 years ago


well... i need a room for afest.

#5 ThakYuki on 3 years ago


well... i need a room for afest.[/QUOTE]

Try contacting this person: [url]http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=357097[/url]

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