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#1 brucer007 on 5 years ago

It seems all the photos I hosted from Facebook are no longer showing in the forums. Also, any new photos I try to host from Facebook will not show up. I click Copy Image Address, as I always have, but it does not work anymore.

Does anybody else have this problem, or have had to deal with it? Does anybody have some solutions, other than hosting it from some other website?

#2 TykeJack on 5 years ago

I can only confirm that when I try to post an image from facebook like we do for the Pic of the Day thread, that it only posts a hyperlink instead. Pictures hosted from still work fine, but not facebook. So, I have no idea why it's not working.

#3 Patcave on 5 years ago

I just share from Flickr, as FB just compresses the crap out of photo uploads anyway.

#4 WonJohnSoup on 5 years ago

All the photos I post are from facebook, but I re-route them through bitly.

It's true that facebook compresses the images by almost a factor of ten, but in reality it's near impossible to tell if it's a first-second generation thing.

#5 brucer007 on 5 years ago

I used to successfully host images from Facebook to the forum in, so something seems to have changed.

WohjohnSoup, what is the process to re-route them from Bitly?

#6 WonJohnSoup on 5 years ago

I think if you just right click save the image in facebook and then copy paste it into [url][/url] you can just use that shortened link it spits out and post it onto as usual.

What I tend to do is open the facebook image into its own tab where it's expanded so you get no moire problems from the poor resizing algorithm facebook uses and THEN right click save that, because the address is different.

Hope that works.

#7 Ronan on 5 years ago

I just use dropbox. FB seems to change their setting every couple months.

#8 brucer007 on 5 years ago

Thanks everyone. I will try some of your suggestions. More alternatives are welcome.

#9 shumi31 on 5 years ago

But its not so problem at all in sharing photos in other sites from Facebook. Can you click on view image in your Facebook image and copy the right URL from there.Hope it works.

#10 figment1986 on 5 years ago

i think FB is trying to save bandwith... so by disabling direct hotlinking it saves them bandwidth

#11 nathancarter on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=figment1986;4952217]i think FB is trying to save bandwith... so by disabling direct hotlinking it saves them bandwidth[/QUOTE]

That would make sense.