Black Canary (Arrow) help?

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#1 LadyNarylfiel on 5 years ago

So I've started slowly putting together my Black Canary costume (Sara Lance version) for FanExpo Canada. I've got the wig coming, pretty confident I can make the mask and either find or alter boots. I've been doing my research and am debating instead of trying to find and/or make the rest of the pieces to go with a commission for this one. I've never done a custom order before so I have no idea what all is involved, and I don't want to spend a bomb. Sadly it's not a common cosplay, so finding sites that offer it is hard, the two that I keep coming back to are:

I'm wondering if anyone has had dealings with either of these companies before. From what I've seen on here, seems to be hit and miss, generally miss. I don't want to spend over 200$, and I'd love to find something for around the 150$ mark. Any suggestions, reviews etc?