MegaCon 2015: Did You Take My Picture? Thread

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#1 NeoGC on 4 years ago

(As the convention is nearly over and there are still the 2014 threads stickied, with no word of a 2015 series of threads, I am taking the liberty of making them. Mods, if this could be stickied, I'd gladly appreciate it.)

This thread is for requesting pictures of[U]YOU[/U] in costume at Megacon 2015. Be sure to specify the Character/series/day that you wore the costume, and maybe a short description of your appearance or reference picture will absolutely help if you were cosplaying as a obscure or popular character!

If you want to share the pictures you PERSONALLY took at the convention, check the thread below:

[Reserved for thread creation in just a moment...]

Thanks, and happy photo hunting!

(Thank you to NiGHTmaren for the great thread format for last year. :))

#2 Veerah on 4 years ago

Hello all! I was running around as Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter for all three days. I only got a handful of photo requests, but if they were taken by anyone here and you could send them my way, I would greatly appreciate it!

[URL=""]Reference picture[/URL]

#3 NeoGC on 4 years ago

I cosplayed as Kazuhira Miller from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain ([URL=""](Reference)[/URL]

My friends were:

-King Dedede from Kirby [URL=""](Reference)[/URL]

-Ness from Earthbound (left) [URL=""](Reference)[/URL]

-Link from The Legend of Zelda (Can't get a pic from my friends of him yet...)

and, -Darth Vader from Star Wars: Original Trilogy (Can't get a pic from my friends of him yet...)

Let me know if you found any of us :3

#4 JGexists on 4 years ago

I was Geralt of Rivia in his starting Witcher 2 garb on Saturday. Not that exciting I know, but I'd would be cool to see some shots if anyone got some. Thanks!

#5 Tenchi Bery on 4 years ago

I'm actually looking for photos of my model. I comissions all 3 costumes she wore on saturday. In particular I'm looking for photos of Echo from Pandora Hearts. She was in the Wasabi anime costume contest. (She was on crutches)

#6 Kayla Marie C on 4 years ago


I was at MegaCon on Saturday as Rapunzel! I was in a group most of the time, but if anyone has pics, please let me know!

#7 kokirikid on 4 years ago

My sister and I were cosplaying Lone Wanderers from Fallout 3 on Saturday if anyone took a picture of us. Here's a [URL=""]reference [/URL]picture of us, we're the two on the left. :)

#8 Kily-Chan on 4 years ago

Did anybody get a picture of me? I was dressed as Yuno Gasai on Saturday and Sunday. (I had blood all over me on Sunday.) [IMG]http://[user]=15059004&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0[/IMG]

Thank you! :)

#9 Kily-Chan on 4 years ago

I was Yuno Gasai on Saturday/Sunday. I had a knife and gun that made sounds. Do you have any pictures? :)

#10 wildfire0135 on 4 years ago

I did my first cosplay at MegaCon this year and was very pleased with how it came out, especially forit being my first. I cosplayed Death Prophet from DotA2 and didn't think to take very many pictures of myself. I know I took a few pictures for other people though, so here's hoping someone has some of me!

(I did manage to find one of me jrosson took of me.)

#11 Emmalouwho2 on 4 years ago

I took lots of pictures so I'll keep an eye on this page so I can share them if I see anyone I recognize.

Looking for pictures of my mom dressed as Sideshow Bob! Reference: [url][/url]

#12 TaliaRosalie on 4 years ago

I was dressed as Gou Matsuoka, in the swim team jacket and shorts, for all of Friday and most of Saturday.

I was also Petra Ral on Saturday morning, with white and blue wings.

And on Sunday, I was fem!Sealand.

#13 nerdynavi on 4 years ago

I was there Saturday as Sinon from Sword Art Online II (ggo) with Death Gun. If anyone has any photos of either of us please let know! I didn't get many myself and would love to find some.


I was also chisaki from Nagi no Asukara on Sunday, but I think only like 3 people took my photo, so its probably more of a longshot. lol

Thanks guys! <3

#14 Sin Katt on 4 years ago

Seeking pics of me, the husband, and friends.
The husband was Saiyaman on both Saturday and Sunday.
I was Princess Bubblegum along side my friends on Saturday and Saiyaman II along side my husband on Sunday.
Thanks! : )

[URL=] Saiyaman and Saiyaman II[/URL]

[URL=] Bubblegum, Marceline, Fionna[/URL]

#15 evanojutsu on 4 years ago

I was Asami Sato in her Motorcycle outfit with an equalist glove on Friday

Sera from Dragon Age (with a longbow) on Saturday

and Daenerys in her wedding dress with a fairly large Drogon egg on Sunday

Id love to see any pictures! :)