Sice Cosplay help

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#1 yuna5112000 on 5 years ago

So I'm planning to cosplay Sice from Final Fantasy Type 0/Agito and I need some help. I'm not great at sewing or making things for cosplay in general so I normally just buy similar things and adjust or change them to match the character which has worked for me so far, but I can't find anything similar to the jacket blazer things they wear for uniform. I've spent hours looking on ebay and around shops but either it's not got zips or buttons to the side or its drastically the wrong style and couldn't work. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for what I could do or even a better things to type into ebay or amazon as I'm not too familiar with names of particular styles of clothes so I could've just been looking for the wrong thing!

Not the best image but hopefully should be alright -