Help with Underworks Binding

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#1 PurpleAlchemist on 2 years ago

Hey so I just purchased a Underworks binder (tri-top) and I'm thinking it's too small but I'm not sure.

I can breath and move but the binder feel very snug and uncomfortable. Also my breasts kinda end up pressed upwards rather than flat.

I don't know..

Also it took a lot of effort to just get off to (I purchased a 32 after measuring although I am actually a D bra size).

So should I return it? Or is that normal and need breaking in? :confused:

Hope to hear some advice,

thanks :)

#2 GSnail7 on 2 years ago

I had that issue, but after wearing it a couple of times, it was easier to get on and off. It's always a bit tight, but it is basically squishing lumps of fat flat to the bone. But if you feel like you couldn't walk around normally for a period of time, it may be too small.

About the breasts pushing up, that's tricky. You kind of want to lay down on your back and lift up the binder so you can push your breasts down and to the side so they can lay flatter. I still get them pushing up into the middle after moving around a lot, though.

#3 PurpleAlchemist on 2 years ago

Okay I'll try that then. I have gained a bit of weight so that might be part of it.

Although if it doesn't work, I'll have to figure out how to return it.