Nora Valkyrie Boots Help (Lace Up Boot Covers?)

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#1 OperaPhantom on 1 year ago


I'm making a Nora Valkyrie cosplay, from RWBY. I'm having trouble with her boots though. I'd prefer not to buy them, simply because I'm on a tight budget.
I was thinking of making boot covers, but there's two problems. One, they're lace up boots. Two, they have a black heel and toe, but everything else is white.

I the lace up part isn't so bad. I was thinking of making the white parts with a front and a back (like a pillow case, but with a slightly heavier fabric), then sliding really thin craft foam in as a middle layer between the fabric and sewing it up. That should give it the stability I need.

The black parts are the worst problem for me. Should I get a pair of black shoes, and leave the heel and toe exposed by the boot covers? Should I make the boot covers go over the shoes, and then either paint those parts black or cover them in fabric?
I've never made boot covers before, but I'm good at sewing. Also, I plan on getting a cheap pair of shoes for this, so if I need to attach the boot covers directly, that's no problem. Thanks!

Here's a reference image of her boots.

#2 becosplay on 1 year ago