Granblue-Djeeta fabric selection

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#1 ridelle on 2 years ago

Hey there, y'all! I've been searching up and down the Internet for a while, but cannot for the life of me figure out what the name of this fabric is/what I should be using for her dress.


Specifically, the part bothering me is the mid/waist section-- I feel like I know a name for that pattern but it's eluding me, and I'm trying to figure out what material would have that pattern and still be as flowy as it is in the picture. Any help would be appreciated.

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Ah, I see the dilemma.
The key here is that the bodice is made like a corset. This art even shows stitching and boning (they so rarely do! woo hoo!). Corset means the outermost layer of fabric can indeed be a light floaty one like the skirt, but there is at least one more heavier layer of fabric (maybe two) with all the structural elements sewn in underneath it.

I can't tell if it just has wrinkles or if it's drawn in two pieces, but I would construct it as corset and skirt separately. Partially because you can't front lace to the waist and have it attached to a waist fitted skirt without a fly or some other opening on the skirt at the base of the lacing. Partially because it will save a tremendous amount of headaches trying to math out all the bodice pieces with very wide flared skirt sections on them.